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Amazing Amsterdam

Som and Cokie at the Ann Frank Memorial (anyone who can visit this place and not cry....).


For some reason, I really believe that I have some sort of a charmic connection to Amsterdam.  I have now visited this amazing town at least ten times over the years!  The first time was back in the early 90's with Lien.  Then a couple times on my own when on the way to Africa.  Then another couple times with Maria.  And now with Som and Cokie!

While this trip was purely meant to be a brief introduction to Europe for Som, it was a great time in one of my favorite cities anywhere. 

We spent a good deal of our time cruising the canals just watching the city pass us by.  We also trekked for miles visiting the various sights and museums of the city. Som's favorite (and mine too) was the Ann Frank Huis, that is now located right next door to an impressive Holocaust museum. 

I truly hope that Amsterdam is a city we can visit again and again for many years to come.


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 Here are some more images of our recent trip to Amsterdam:




The Smith family enjoying a lazy morning cruising the canals of Amsterdam!




I love the funky Dutch-style buildings seen all over Amsterdam.  This city has kept much of its unique character in tact.  Why can't we do the same in the USA? 



Som was blown away by her first exposure to the great western art seen in the Rijksmuseum.  Here are myself and my son posing in front of Rembrandt's "Night Watch", one of the more famous works in the museum.




The beautiful Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.



This guy seemed to be enjoying life!  I am sorry to say that I cannot remember who the artist was, but I sure liked his work!



"Hmmm....why don't we put a window, how about, I want it there..."  I would have loved to been a fly on the wall for the planning committee for this home!



I love Amsterdam!



Cokie and Daddy in Amsterdam.  I wish he could remember this trip. 



Som and Cokie along one of the canals of Amsterdam.

Be sure to visit our Photo Galleries for more spectacular images of our travels! (Pbase Galleries)