Coke Smith Photography & Travelogue

Eleven Year Expedition to the Olympic Peninsula

 A spectacular bull elk resting in the forest along the Hoh River.


Although Washington’s Olympic Peninsula did in fact start for me as a travel destination, I have called it “home” for the past eleven years.  During that period of time I have gained a fairly significant level of expertise in the flora and fauna of the region.  Not really wanting to post a simple travelogue for the Peninsula, I have decided to present a series of photo galleries illustrating the various landscapes, plant communities, flora and fauna. 

For the past eight years or so I have been instructing a course at Peninsula College titled, “Natural History of the Olympic Peninsula”, in which I presented lectures and field trips to many locations on the Peninsula showing people first hand the various habitats and species found here.

The web pages that follow are assembled to give you a subtle glimpse of what this spectacular region is and what it has to offer the nature and outdoor enthusiast. 



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